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Corporate Memberships

If you are an employer who is looking to promote health and wellness within the workplace, then there are number of reasons why you may want to consider investing in corporate gym membership. Regular exercise may have a positive effect on everything from the cost of your corporate health insurance to the number of days which your staff take off as sick leave. Businesses with five or more people interested in membership may be eligible for a corporate membership. Please submit your contact information and a Membership Representative will get back to you shortly.

The heightened benefits and proof of successful investment include:

    • Healthier, more productive working employees
    • Lower stress levels
    • Lower turnover / higher employee retention rates
    • Fewer sick days
    • Lower insurance premiums
    • Protection of a company’s greatest asset – the employee
    • Higher self-esteem and a greater team-building mentality
    • Increased energy and vitality in the workplace
    • A more optimistic, positive attitude
    • A greater eagerness to succeed and lead, along with the energy to do so
    • Improvement in family life brings improvement into the workplace
    • Greater community synergy, greater company synergy

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Excellent gym the staff really cares about helping you meet your fitness goals.

Robert Sparkman

LOVE this place! Has EVERYTHING I need to get a great workout in!!!!

Patrick Barnes

This gym is run by a true professional. Always mixing things up to offer new and exciting classes and information. Great atmosphere!

Kimberly Hodges

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