State-of-the-Art Equipment

Inspired by Atheletes

Welcome to the start of a new generation. ARTIS® is the first ever fully integrated cardio, strength and functional products. Its seamless design re-defines the workout space to offer a fully connected workout experience, to ensure a natural feeling of movement, to reduce, recycle and renew energy.

The unique seamless design and inspiring frameless geometry will capture the senses and allow you to move naturally and feel at ease in a quiet, unintimidating environment. The sober, yet distinctive, balance will evoke a sensation of freedom and confidence.

ARTIS® is fully digitally integrated so that you are always connected. Quadrum Fitness is the first gym in the U.S.A. to provide the Newest State-of-the-Art Equipment featuring a built-in cloud-based technology. There’s no better way to live an active lifestyle than to have your fitness routine at your fingertips no matter where you are. With ARTIS® all your workouts are tracked no matter which equipment you use – mange your routine daily, monthly, weekly, even annually. Quadrum Fitness is here to help you meet any fitness goal.

Athletic Performance Training

Quadrum Ftiness is the first gym in US with over ten SKILLMILL™ CONNECT – no need to endure long waits to use your favorite equipment! Skillmill™ is the newest launch in the world for high intensity interval training. Users enjoy the most engaging, comprehensive experience of Athletic Performance Training with SKILLMILL™ Connect, a fully-connected product with a large backlit LCD display and data tracking function to assess personal workout parameters and results, and store these via the cloud-based mywellness® open platform.

The result of Technogym’s 20-year experience as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, SKILLMILL™, is the first machine to allow everyday athletes to improve their power, speed, stamina and agility in a single product. Safe, engaging and effective, SKILLMILL™ offers all the benefits of professional sports training. This unique solution boasts a huge variety of workout routines to train the entire body, allowing you to train like athletes for peak performance.

With full connectivity through an intuitive console which enables data monitoring, users can track and store their workout parameters and achievements via the cloud-based mywellness® open platform, making training on SKILLMILL™ a motivating experience and keeping users in line with their goals.

Access virtual training programs by scanning SKILLMILL’s QR code with your smartphone. You can also access customized training programs by simply downloading the mywellness app to your smartphone and logging into your mywellness account.

The innovative MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY enables users to experience the full speed resistance spectrum on SKILLMILL™. By shifting the MULTIDRIVE, resistance can be varied from zero to maximum, so you can switch to any level between resistance-free running and an all-out sled push.

Functional & Flexibility

OMNIA™ MOVE, TRAIN , PLAY: experience the world’s most versatile functional training concept. The OMNIA range brings people together in an interactive and enjoyable manner while striving to reach their training goals. A wide range of tools and accessories are available to explore all areas of functional and ability training.

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