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Q h.i.i.t. is a fast-paced cross- training class. The class combines cardiovascular, and strength training
components. Quadrum Ftiness is the first gym in U.S. with over 10 SKILLMILL™ CONNECT – the
newest launch in the world for high intensity interval training.
About Q h.i.i.t.

This is a high-energy class focused around a three station, group circuit ,that rotates from rowing, to functional training to a new equipment manufactured by Technogym, the Skillmill. A typical session consist of a 15-minute rowing,15 minutes of Functional Training , that can be done using one of three options: Swiss- ball, CrossCore or Ketlebells, and last ,15 minutes of cardiovascular stimulus using the Skillmill and finishes with a 05 minute cool-down.

Our instructor will guide you through the stations to help you increase your aerobic capacity, make you stronger and raise your energy levels. Q HIIT also monitors your heart rate to vary the intensity levels so we can challenge you to push to your max. Scientific research has proven that when your body is pushed to a certain level of intensity, you can burn more calories up to 36 hours after the workout. The instructors teach the class with a personalized attention along with the fun of a group fitness environment. One of the main objectives is our guarantee that members get a safe and effective workout.

Goal Emphasis

Muscular strength and endurance,with a functional approach


High Intense Interval Training

Total Time

50 minutes

Equipment Needed

Skillmill, Rower, Cross core, stability balls and ketlebells

Calorie Burn
120 lbs 130 lbs 140 lbs 150 lbs 160 lbs 170 lbs 180 lbs
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