Q Method


Choose a training split based on your goals, schedule, training age, energy system requirements, and ability to recover.

Q – Method is the most effective way to combine cardio conditioning with functional strength training. This method was created to provide an alternative method of training that is safe, fun, efficient and effective.

This workout, a traditional circuit format, cycles through several exercises with minimal rest. The key is to challenge participants by adjusting a variable during each cycle. With this approach, they enjoy the familiarity of the sequences, as well as fun surprises.The circuit format consists of rotating stations, that are composed with exercise that includes : locomotion, level changes, pushing and pulling, and rotation.

Energy expenditure during Q-Method classes is also thought to be significantly high. This workout is considered especially challenging and promise exercisers a fast-track approach to improving fitness levels. As we uses different pieces of equipments like ropes, stability balls, ketlebell, medicine balls, slam balls and other equipment, it will help you, develop greater body awareness. “When people aren’t supported by a machine, they have to learn how to use their bodies in space.

GOAL EMPHASIS: Muscular strength and endurance, emphasizing compound movements for a more functional approach

FORMAT: Circuit training with cardio and strength intervals

TOTAL TIME: 50 minutes

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: ropes, stability balls, body weight, ketlebell, dumbbells, slam balls, medicine balls and other tools

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