Q Punch


Q-punch is an exciting fitness program that blends the best of Suspension Workout and MMA into a high-energy interval workout. It is an interdisciplinary system of two extremes. The powerful feeling of MMA, throwing solid punches and several kicks, then transferring your body movements into Suspension Workout .Yet, both share the common Principle of working from the ‘Core’ and they share the key Concepts of Concentration, Focus, Awareness and Control.

The workout is pretty intense and gets you into great shape without taking up all your time and energy. You’ll look just as good as any MMA fighter and still learn all the same great MMA techniques, but without the pressure and responsibility of competition.

GOAL EMPHASIS: Cardiovascular and muscular endurance 
, muscle tone and definition

FORMAT: Interval Training

TOTAL TIME: 50 minutes

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Punching bags and Cross core



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